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Taylor Kinsey-Brown, Head Counselor  

Taylor Kinsey-Brown is a native of Seattle, Washington and relocated to the DMV area during her transition to high school. After obtaining her degree in Communication Studies, she has acquired a growing social media following based on her specialty of video editing and the beauty industry. She hopes to continue to build her brand and work for herself, and she is passionate about being a positive influence and mentor to youth. Taylor is a new mother to her eight month old son, Gianni. 

Gregory Epanty, Camp Good Life Counselor  

Gregory is a 23 year old native of Silver Spring, MD. When he graduated from high school, he decided to pursue a career in the arts. He says " I picked up the camera in 2012 and haven't put it down since."As an aspiring videographer and illustrator, Greg recently left his nine to five to commit to manifesting those dreams. He enjoys basketball, drawing and reading, as well as spending time with his baby sister, Derrique. 

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